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To deliver Onyx Elite’s unique system to our clients it is paramount that we highlight the depth of support that our diverse and dynamic team provides.

We would like to introduce you to ours. If you click on the images above you will be taken to our individual pages where you can learn about our journeys, where we have come from, and our roles with Onyx Elite.

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At Onyx Elite, we take pride in priming ourselves in a space where we are constantly learning, growing and ultimately evolving as a team, community and family.

Through our collective journey’s and experiences on Mother Earth, we all have a story to share and lessons learned to serve and assist in lifting others up.

We have come together to apply those lessons and deliver a complete, comprehensive system to enhance optimum health, well-being, performance and connectedness.

We have extended these into 4 courses that have all been designed with a focus to deliver a desired outcome.

We have developed both a group and personalised individual coaching environment that immerses you in an experience across all parameters contained in our 4 courses.

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Enso Course (LinkedIn Banner)

Ensō is a sacred symbol that is used to indicate an instance in which “the mind is free to let the body create.”

Within the Enso program you will be guided on a journey to optimise health, well-being, performance and longevity. Protocols and modalities include :

  • Holistic Health Analysis 
  • Functional Movement & Mobility
  • Performance Breathwork 
  • Biohacking Nutrition
  • Cold & Heat Immersion 
  • Sleep Health

Designed and systemised to create a bulletproof, best version of you.

Samādhi is a sanskrit term that means “total self-collectedness.” 

Samādhi is regarded as the pinnacle of all spiritual and intellectual activity.

Within the Samādhi program, you will go on a guided journey within all aspects of the Onyx Elite systems. You will be receiving personalised one to one coaching to optimise your health, well-being, performance and longevity from our team of expansive coaches.

Throughout your experience, you will be immersing yourself in all aspects of the mind, body and spirit which includes Onyx Elite’s training system (Ensō) that has been specifically designed to create a path for you to forge forward the best version of you.

This program is a fully extensive deep-dive into our ever-growing and evolving knowledge base. 

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