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Onyx Elite - Coach & Wellbeing Practitioner

Joey O'Dell


First off I want to say that I have the most amazing family and the most amazing group of friends and none of this would have been the way it is if I hadn’t been through what I’ve been through.
“None of this would have been the way it is if I hadn’t been through what I’ve been through”.
Speaking as a man, we go through our lives holding ourselves with pride and build a wall for ourselves to give the image that we are strong and we will let nothing hurt us. The thing is this wall has had to have come from somewhere. Speaking literally a wall is built with bricks and mortar and takes time, measurement, patience and resilience in or to build it. The same can be said for the metaphorical wall, called our “EGO,” that we build for ourselves as well. But where does this wall come from? What are the bricks and mortar? and what is the time patience and resilience that built up this EGO? I want to try and explain by sharing my own story on how my wall as broken down and why the break down of that wall lead to me achieving everything I’ve ever wanted both in Health and Wellbeing and material items.


Throughout my journey, which is ever-growing, I am consistently coming back to the same idea and the same belief.

That we have all of the answers we need inside of us. You see we often look to the external world for the answers or to shift responsibility away from us and onto something else. When we do this and realise that we are doing it, we have the perfect opportunity to see this and take our journey inwards to discover the truth as to who we are. It is a beautiful process and one that we can consistently revisit at any opportunity to guide us in a way that will continually be congruent with our path and journey throughout life.

This is something that I have been developing throughout a myriad of educational pathways. I have worked alongside and learned from Jay for the past 8 years and I have had the privilege of learning from him at every opportunity. To combine this with the journey through self as well as a variety of tools from such programs like EP7, Human Design, Astrology, Meditation, Yoga, Soma Breath Visual breathwork, art and many more, adds to the already amazing, beautiful and transformational journey that being a part of the team at Onyx Elite can give.

I am also delighted to be bringing to the Onyx Elite pathway my podcast, “Naked Reality,” where we will be continuing with the conversations that we have with the brave and courageous souls that share their battles throughout life.

Here is where I have come to the idea that I am the key. Not a fancy name or company, not some crazy get rich quick scheme or some fancy strategic plan, just me. I’m just a guy who said no to suicide, fought through depression, battles anxiety and for the first time, I’m not going to be afraid to stand up to it, so that others can too. We don’t need an epic story that sounds like it could be, a best selling movie, all we need is ourselves. Ourselves and just a shred of belief that things can be different because let me tell you and show you, they can be. Your story is your story and if you want to change it you can. You deserve to no matter what situation.

Thanks for reading. Please share this with someone you think could use a little bit of help and just know that I am always available to speak to anyone from any walk of life and give you the opportunity to do what I did and own my own life.

Have an awesome and successful life everyone. Peace <3

With everything that Joey does he also has his own website to display some of his passions as well as an insight into his speaking engagements.
Joey has a huge passion in helping teach the basics of what we need to learn to help manage our wellbeing and speaks inside schools on this topic to help give our youth the tools they need in order to be fully supported throughout their lives.

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