By Onyx Elite

Sacred Warrior Retreat

August 20-21

‘Path of the Sacred Warrior’

Do you feel stuck?
Unable to rise into your power?
Unable to surrender to your purpose?

Are you ready to take authentic aligned action?

What if there was a solution?

Not to your immediate challenges, but to unlock the version of you that can take on those challenges with the belief and courage that you can achieve the real things you want on the other side of that challenge.

It’s time to open that door.

The door to ‘The Path of the Sacred Warrior’.

A day of immersion, filled with unique events that aim to test you, not only physically and mentally, but to also help you dig deep and release all that pain, anger and suffering you have felt for so long. To prove to you that you have what it takes on all roads of life and to equip you with the necessary tools to forge forward an upgraded version of yourself.

Confidence to make your dreams a living reality through consistent action.
A deep sense of safety and integrity emanates from a man who defies all the odds and is willing to give everything to honour his higher service.

You will not be alone in this journey.

One of the key components is community. You will be guided by a team of mentors specialising in taking you where you need to go and the band of brothers that will join you.

A few things we can promise is you will use your body, you will be tested, you will have fun, you will purge those blocked emotions and you will come out on the other side with a belief to move you forward in the direction you want to go.

An unrivalled experience through self connection, resilience through extreme physical effort as means of self discovery, overcoming adversity, building self belief & confidence, bonding and breakthroughs.
All nestled in the abundance of nature and all its elements.

•Performance Breath Work
•Primal Movement
•Strength & Conditioning
•Ice Immersion

During the embodiment component we will be accessing the deepest layers and going inwards facing head on our traumas, suppressed emotions, removing the baggage and reconnecting with our soul.
Through breath, body/energy work and guidance will go into a heart opening journey within. It’s a great opportunity after breaking down the body and mind throughout the day to access the deeper parts of ourselves, work on a spiritual level and a unique opportunity to work on every level that depth.

To conclude we will be sharing ceremonial food to bring the teachings back onto a grounded place within our bodies and give space to integrate back into life.

With space to rest as the dawn approaches.

Evolving from that process and implementing these new tools to life in an indestructible manner to all tasks.

Get in the trenches and learn who you really are. Step into your true, healthy, aligned ‘Masculine’.

Inclusions : 24hrs of intimate, life changing coaching with 4 facilitators, hydration, food post ceremony and more.

These retreats are limited to keen individuals looking at implementing lifelong changes. 

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